Chatham Randolph Megasite Land Sales

Update Jan 6, 2105: The site has been renamed. You may wish to visit my new page on the Chatham-Siler City Advanced Manufacturing Site.

If you are looking to purchase land for investment or development near the upcoming megasite please give me a call or visit my credentials on my home page. I am the only Realtor in Chatham County who is an accredited land consultant. There are less than 500 of us in the country. I am available as an agent or a expert consultant to assist with your next land transaction.

What is the Chatham Randolph Megasite?

In June 2014, the Chatham-Randolph Megasite received NC Certification. This certification tells potential buyers that the land is ready for development within 12mos of purchase. A megasite is a large tract of land that is a good location for a large industrial operation, such as an automobile manufacturing plant. This particular megasite is just up the road from my office in Chatham County. It consists of over 1,800 acres. It is near Highway 421, South of i85 and has around 5,000 feet of rail frontage.

Investment Opportunity:

I personally own nearly 200 acres in Chatham County myself. With the upcoming Chatham Park, and the Chatham Randolph megasite, I see as purchasing land in this area now as an amazing investment opportunity. People and companies are going to want to purchase land all throughout Chatham County. I love the town the way it is, but this change is happening. Land could be sold near the megasite for dense housing, small farms, convenience stores, restaurants, housing developments and more. When the megasite land is purchased and the ground is broken, some of the land near it could increase in value.

If you are looking to sell or purchase land in this area or Chatham or Randolph County please feel free to contact me.

The megasite is in this general area below; full details may be found on their website here.