Should I Have My Land Surveyed Before Putting It Up For Sale?

Sometimes, when a piece of land has been in a family for many years, there can be complications when trying to sell it. Often times, the information needed for the sale doesn’t exist, as the rules and procedures have changed drastically over time.

One of the problems that’s seen often has to do with property lines, and where the property legally begins and ends. Today, that is established with a land survey, with lays out detailed measurements and coordinates. Years ago, back when grandpappy inherited the farm from his grandpappy, things were done very differently.

If you take a look at a deed for an old tract of land, you may see the property lines describes as stretching from the old tractor axle near the stream to the oak tree that got hit by lightning and burned up, or other similar nonsense that doesn’t help much a century after it was written.

This, unsurprisingly, can lead to problems. Unclear boundaries can develop into disputes with neighboring land owners. Having clear and established property lines is crucial in keeping everyone on their own side of the fence, and stopping legal issues before they start.

These kinds of complications will make selling land that hasn’t been properly surveyed difficult, as no one will be willing to buy land that has fuzzy boundaries.