Is Northwood High School Getting a New Principal in 2018

Dr. B. has left Northwood High School in Pittsboro North Carolina, opening up a spot for a new principal. There will be a new principal in the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Speaker 1:           Is Northwood getting a new principal?

Speaker 2:           They are getting a new principal. I don’t know who it is yet, I don’t know what their candidates are. When I taught and coached at Northwood I was there with Phillip Little who’s the assistant principal now. I don’t know if they really like that in-school promotion. He’s certainly qualified, but I don’t know if he’s a candidate for the job or not.

Dr. B, I consider a good friend, saw him at the gym a lot, that guy was hard at it early in the morning before school even opened. And I would see him at O2 Fitness a lot. Good guy, even though he is a Patriots fan. We actually went to a Patriots, Carolina Panthers football game together and thank God the Panthers won because I can’t stand the Patriots, and he’s a Patriots fan.

That guy loves Chatham County, loves the people of Chatham County. The reason why he was a principal and the reason why he continued his education and got his doctorate was because he’s always had the dream and ambition to be a superintendent. And he let Chatham County and Northwood know that. And so when a position became available and he interviewed for it, that is why he left. But I was just at the senior awards banquet with him. And you could tell that he is well liked and respected by the students. And I was there for rotary to give away scholarships, and he’s just a good person. And we’re actually listing and selling his house for him. And so we wish him all the best.