How To Sell a House at the Siler City Country Club

Siler City Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews has sold multiple houses at the beautiful Siler City Country Club. Here’s what you need to know if you’re buying or selling a home there.

Speaker 1:           Have you sold any houses at the Siler City Country Club?

Speaker 2:           I think I’ve had the last two sales in the Siler City Country Club. Sales don’t happen a whole lot in the Siler City Country Club. So, first of all, let me tell you about the Siler City Country Club. It is a golf course community. That’s just a few miles south of Siler City proper. It’s right off of Siler city, Glendin Road. The homes in there probably could average small brick ranch, you might be able to find for around $200,000 and an expensive home could be upwards of $1,000,000 dollars in the Siler City Country Club. It is, I mean, it always was the premier place for all the industrial people. All the business owners to live was in the Siler City Country Club. When I first started in real estate, I joined the Siler City Rotary Club and we used to meet at the Siler City Country Club.

And it was, gosh, it was over a hundred members and it was the who’s who of the town and all the business leaders were there. And it was a really nice lunch. And it’s a decent, fun golf course. I enjoy playing on it. I played on there a few times with some friends. I’m not much of a golfer, but to ride and play, it’s very, very inexpensive for people to live on the golf course. You can get an amazing home for like $250 or $350,000 and be on the golf course. The one I just sold Tuesday was two ladies that it inherited the home. They don’t live in the area anymore. They had used the house as a rental for about eight years. So, it had some deferred maintenance or whatever, but the house was in excellent shape.

It had good bones, it needed like new HVAC, new roof, maybe new windows or whatever, but hardwood floors throughout, the tenant had kept the house immaculate. And this couple came in and recognized that this house would be great for their daughter that just graduated from college that was working for them and their business. And they’re going to have to put some money into it to make it look right for her. But for around two and a quarter, this young lady is getting an amazing house and she’s going to have to put some money into it, but she does some work at the country club across the street, so this was a great, great fit for her. Then I sold one a couple months ago, this was a huge house at the country club. It was on a larger lot.

It had an in ground pool. It had a 1600 square foot dent. I mean the house wasn’t 1600 square feet. The dent was 1600 square feet. It had a pool table, patio, screened-in porch, bar. And that house was ginormous, full basement and everything. But you know, it was built 30, 40 years ago and needed a little bit of work. We started out at a higher price point, had to drop the price a couple times, but somebody came in from Greensboro, swooped it up. There is no way. I mean, to build that house today would be over 700,000. And I think these people got it for about half that like 375,000. So there’s some amazing deals in the Siler City Country Club. It’s you wouldn’t believe the upgrades that some of the people do. I mean, I’ve seen solid brick interior walls. I’ve seen solid brick floors in the kitchen. I’ve seen the best appliances, full bars in the basement. I mean, just really, really nice upgrades. And if you’re willing to travel an extra 16 miles down the road, Siler City Country Club has some really great values.