How To Market Commercial Real Estate in Pittsboro and Siler City NC

Commercial Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews gives tips on how he markets commercial real estate for rent and for sale in and around Chatham County, North Carolina.

Speaker 1:           How do you market commercial real estate in Chatham county?

Speaker 2:           Well, to market commercial property is a little bit different than your traditional residential. There are specific websites that are important for commercial properties that we just don’t use for residential. So first you want to make sure you have an agent because this is a lower populated area and it’s a smaller area. You know an agent and that agent sold you your house, and you’re like, well, that’d be a good agent for me to use for commercial. You don’t want to be their first commercial experience. A commercial world is a lot different. We’ve talked before about three different spheres of real estate. We have residential, commercial and land, and it’s just its own different ball game and you have to be familiar.

But the way we market the properties are a little bit different. We’re looking at available lease space, whether or not it is rented, how many parking spaces there are. Another real important thing is traffic count. We’re real big on traffic count.

Line of sight’s real interesting. You want to make sure that when you drive by the property, if it’s well below the road, people aren’t going to see it. If it’s too far above the road, people aren’t going to see it. You want to dead even to the road so people can see it. We’re looking for those websites that are commercial specific. The Grand Daddy of them all, the Coca-Cola of commercial websites, would be LoopNet. That’s what both buyers and sellers are looking for and all the commercial people are looking for that. A lot of commercial people aren’t even on MLS. So if you go on to a listing appointment and you want a commercial property and say, oh, I’m on MLS.

Some commercial brokers don’t even care. So the two big ones are LoopNet and CoStar. The commercial brokers, a lot of people that do commercial only do commercial. They’re not like the rural area where they overlap and do other things. So it’s real important to tell the people what is available for what the town will allow, what the zoning is for, the sewer capacity, whether or not it’s ADA compliant. There’s a lot of different things that we do in the commercial world that you’re just not doing in residential. But the biggest thing I think is most important is, if you’re a seller looking to sell commercial property in Chatham county, you’d definitely need to use an agent that’s from here and has commercial experience.