Can I Flip Houses in Pittsboro NC in 2019?

To successfully flip houses in Pittsboro in 2019, one must:

  1. Have cash
  2. Buy low
  3. Do your own repairs
  4. Be fast

Even with those suggestions, it’s going to be extremely hard to make money flipping houses.

That’s because there is a lack of inventory out there right now. Pittsboro real estate is extremely hot, and houses are selling at or above what they’re appraising for.

Good news – rental income

The only thing hotter than home sales in Pittsboro right now is the rental market. Currently, you can buy a house and rent it and make a great income. If you keep the 1% rule in mind (and property in the area continues to appreciate) you can buy a house, rent it, and sell it in 5 – 10 years and make out very well.

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