Hunting Land in Chatham County

deerIf you are looking to sell or purchase hunting land in Chatham County please contact me today. I have several listings available all over Pittsboro, Siler City, and other areas in the area ranging from 1 acre – very large acreage tracts. There are also plenty of other places to hunt in the area.  Also please feel free to visit my page regarding land sales in Chatham County.

Chatham County Hunting Season

Deer hunting season in North Carolina is the most popular hunting season in the area. Rifle season is typically open for the last 6 weeks of the year, with black power opening 2 weeks prior to that (usually around November 1) and bow hunting opening even earlier than that. Please note that these are not exact dates; they change annually and you should get your information directly from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Public Hunting Land in Chatham County

There are several “game lands” available to hunt. These lands are often very crowded. For maps of these lands please visit the wildlife commission as stated above. I do not have the exact areas of land available on this website but there are several near certain areas of the Haw River and Jordan Lake.

Private Hunting Land in Chatham County

Hunting on private land requires written permission from the landowner. Always have this paper with you while hunting. Knowing someone in the area that owns land is your best bet to getting access to private hunting land. There are several message boards available but there are typically several people looking and nobody offering.

Leased Hunting Land and Hunt Clubs

There are various hunt clubs available and hunting leases available. These are best found by googling around and via Craigslist. There are clubs available in various parts of the county with some larger areas near Sanford.

Hunting Farmland

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture offers a free service to connect farmers who want to offer hunting leases to hunters who are looking for them. See this matching service here: Just as the private hunting land- there are a lot of people looking and very few offering.