Benefits of Being The Real Estate Office in Downtown Pittsboro

Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews Describes some of the benefits of having an office in Downtown Pittsboro. His office, aka RWCP, is beside the Chatham Park office.

Speaker 1:           What are some of the benefits of having a real estate office in Downtown Pittsboro?

Eric:                        Well, I mean, right now this is Main Street, and we have an incredible traffic count. We’ve also been downtown since 2000. We’ve switched around a couple times, but I think people recognize our name. They see our signs around. I think one of the things that benefits me quite a bit and some other people that work here on a consistent basis, unless I’m out showing property or out investigating property, people can count on the fact that I’m probably going to be in this office. I’m either checking files, or making phone calls, or signing checks. And I just had a guy walk in yesterday.

He’s like, “Can I speak to Eric?” Listed a $600,000 house. I think it’s good for the community and people selling real estate that rather than being… I mean, the 21st century, a lot of real estate agents are like, “Oh, I do everything from home, or my office is in a car, or I can just work from home as long as I’m emailing and talking to you on the phone.” I think there are good agents that do that, but I’m a little bit old school. And I think people like the fact that they know where I’m at, and they can walk in without an appointment and just say, “Hey Eric, can I ask you this?” Or, “Hey Eric, do you mind coming out to my house or whatever?” So, that’s a huge benefit being in our little downtown community.