2017 Deer Hunting Season and Population in North Carolina

In this video, Land Expert Eric Andrews discusses the deer population in central North Carolina, or more specifically, Pittsboro / Chatham County, NC, as we move in to 2017.

Leasing Land for Hunting vs Buying Land for Hunting

There are thousands of hunters throughout central North Carolina looking for land to hunt other than the crowded gamelands. There are also so many deer, to a point where there is an overpopulation in some areas. What is the solution?

Leasing land can be done IF you find the right land owner. Leases are generally $200 – $400. However, some hunters show up with 7 of their buddies. No land owner wants to deal with that. And no, before you ask, land for sale is almost never an option to hunt, even if it has been vacant for 150 years.

A lot of hunters don’t think that buying land is an option for them but you can purchase land as a group. That means 6 friends with $30,000 could form an LLC and purchase a $30,000 acre tract of land, and that gets you 50+ acres in Goldston. There is power in numbers.

2017 Deer Hunting Season

The dates to go hunting in NC vary each year. Many people feel they should be extended. Deer look cute but destroy gardens, cause accidents, and the deer population is in direct relation to the tick population. If the population continues to grow there will be controlled kills by archers in town. This may be due to a lack of predators in the area; deer are growing in many areas, even in New York City, if you can believe it or not.

2017 will likely be a busy year for the deer in Pittsboro, Chatham County, and central North Carolina.