Sold in 2019: Silk Hope Home with 10 Acres

Eric Andews was the Seller’s Agent on this great house. This well taken care of home was under 20 years old and came with over 10 acres.

In this case, there was a multiple offer situation. The house went up for sale and immediately had offers on it. Within 48hrs of hitting the market, it was contingent.

Eric was sure to have the buyers come in with a strong, “clean offer”. If you’re not a cash buyer, that includes:

  • Having a letter from the bank stating you can purchase that specific propery
  • Including DD money ($2000+)
  • Including Good Faith money ($2000+)

Eric was able to tell that there were multiple full price offers and advised his buyers who really liked the property. The buyers came in with an offer at $10,000 over asking.

The offer was accepted. It turns out, the offer was just barely accepted as several other potential buyers also had decent offers but had bid full price, $5,000 and $7,500 over. If his buyers had not bid $10,000 over asking, they would not have purchased the property.