Selling, Purchasing and Zoning Land in Raleigh NC for Townhomes

Accredited Land Expert Eric Andrews discusses getting land approved for the building of townhomes in Raleigh North Carolina.

Speaker 1:           If somebody has land that they want to sell in Raleigh, how can they tell if it’s suitable to be used for townhouses?

Speaker 2:           So we look at the zoning, and what we’re looking for is a high density. It depends on their municipality, but a lot of the planning are 10. So if we can put 10 properties per acre, 10 townhomes 0.04 to 0.09 acres, condos or townhomes or whatever, if we have the room for that. You have to look at the watershed. You have to look at the setbacks for any kind of streams or anything. You have to look at some of the wetlands and their erosion control issues or whatever, but a company that specializes in townhomes gets real excited if there’s a piece of dirt that they can put 100 townhomes on because they have an established sales center, they have an approved project they’re going in and out. They’re building three to 10 every few months. That is a project that has got good fluidity and it’s rolling.

Most of my town home guys are really, really excited. You get down to 40, 50 or 60, they’re not as excited as much and I’ve done projects in infield where we put six townhomes on a piece of property. Real small piece of property, we put two buildings, three and three. So we did six total. It’s not as exciting to the builder because they’re not doing the same thing over and over again. They’re not rolling, but we don’t know until the project gets approved from the planning department, whether or not you can do it. You can certainly call me and I can talk to an engineer and we can figure out whether or not it has any potential for townhomes whatsoever.