Selecting a Home Builder for Chapel Ridge Golf Course Community

Realty World Carolina Properties utilizes a builder team which is familiar with the Architectural Review Board. The builders on that team are familiar with building home in Chapel Ridge.

Speaker 1:                           Do you have to use a certain builder for building a house in Chapel Ridge?

Eric Andrews:                    We have an office at the Chapel Ridge clubhouse, and we have approved builders that we utilize. And these are builders that have built in the subdivision before and they’re familiar with the ARB, the Architectural Review Board process. And what people need to know is you can pick up a lot in Chapel Ridge now for 45,000 and people are, “Oh great. I’m going to build my house and I’m going to be in Chapel Ridge, buy the lot, pay 200 for my house and I’m going to be in Chapel Ridge for 250,000.” That’s not happening. The Architectural Review Board is quite strict. They have a minimum square footage and they have minimal standards as far as what you can build the house out of, direction of the garage. There’s a lot of different things, the materials of the exterior, they get into details about the soffit’s, the eaves, the gutters, windows.

The Architectural Review Board in Chapel Ridge is tough. You might have a good friend that’s a builder, but if they’re not familiar with that process, it is going to be difficult for them. They have when you can build, what time of the day you can build, which days you can build. If you get dirt on their road, you’re going to get in trouble, you’re going to get a fine, you have to keep the road washed and everything. It’s not your typical subdivision where there’s Mountain Dew bottles in the front yard and there’s mud everywhere and you’re hammering at 7:30 in the morning. It’s not going to happen at Chapel Ridge.

Speaker 1:                           [inaudible].

Eric Andrews:                    Yeah. Right. If you don’t have that familiarity, that’s why I think it’s so important to use somebody from Realty World Carolina Properties, because we have a builder team and there’s plenty of people that you can choose from and they have all different price points and you can pick a design that you like, you can pick somebody that’s using the materials that you like, and you can pick the style of house that you like.

And then it’s real important that builder has a working style that you’re comfortable with. Some people are hands off, “Joe, let me know when the house is done and we’ll come back and take a look at it.” And some people want to be very involved in the process. Some builders don’t like it when you’re very involved in the process and some builders want that constant communication, so it’s important to find someone that you work well with. But we need to let people know that that building process in Chapel Ridge, you could get in the mid to low fours right now, but you’re probably, with the whole process and the lots and what you need and really to match the other homes in the subdivision, new construction in there’s probably going to be closer to 500 to 550.