Property Management Services in Pittsboro NC

Pittsboro Property Managere Eric Andrews discusses how he manages residential homes in Pittsboro North Carolina and elsewhere in Chatham County.

Interviewer:                       Tell us about your property management services.

Speaker 2:                           So, so we’re up to about 60 or 70 rental properties that we manage right now. We do have a full time property manager. She’s unlicensed, but she’s our bookkeeper, and she helps us with the paperwork. The way we’re able to do that in our office is that several of the brokers in this office are actually the agent contact. They’re the ones who actually draft the paperwork, approve the paperwork, get the leases signed, whatnot.

The services that we provide: we market the properties, we advertise the properties, we put signage out there. We actually show the properties. We do a background with the application and a credit check. We go over the terms of the lease. We negotiate the lease, and we get an owner preference package together. And we do a check in with the tenants. And then we are the liaison between tenant landlord and the collection of those rents.

And we negotiate any disputes if they ever arise. And we handle repairs when they come up. And unfortunately we have to do evictions every now and then. We’re pretty lucky in Chatham County. Those are, those are very, very rare. And in North Carolina or at least in Chatham county, the magistrates and the court system are very strict: you signed a lease, you don’t pay, you’re out. So it’s not a very complex process as it is in some other areas.

But probably about 75, 80% of our rentals are residential. About 20% are commercial. And it is a big resource for the company. And the service that we’re providing, there’s really not any other company that’s doing property management in this area.

So that way we have investors that buy property, rent property. And the rents in Pittsburgh are probably averaging about a thousand to 1200. Rents in Siler City are probably averaging about seven to 800.

And we’re happy to provide that service for the community.