Moore County Land Sales

If you are looking to sell a large acreage tract of land inPinehurst, Carthage, Whispering Pines, Southern PPines, Aberdeen, Robbins or any other town in Moore County contact Eric Andrews today. A full list of his accreditations are available on this page: North Carolina Land Sales.

Moore County Land Sales

Moore County exists in stark contrast to nearby Wake County when it comes to land availability. Where large acre tracts of land are hard to find in Wake County simply because there are so many of them, finding them in Moore County is difficult because there are so many. The challenge lies in actually getting to the one you’re looking for, as so few have addresses, road access, or even marked property lines.

And since we’re comparing the two counties, let’s discuss what counts as “large” in terms of tracts of land. In Wake, three acres is considered HUGE! In Moore, no one is impressed until you have more than two hundred. In fact, 50-150 acre tracts are quite easy to find, and would cost a fraction of one of the “big” tracts in Wake County.

As with any land purchase or sale, the best and highest use should be considered. In Moore County, that’s likely going to be one of three things. First, its likely to be used for forestry purposes. Buying land with lots of hardwood growing on it, and then selling the timber rights is an excellent way to make money.

Second, land in Moore county is an excellent investment opportunity. Many people simply purchase land with the intention of selling it again in 10-20 years. As urban and suburban areas grow and spread in all directions, remote areas like Moore county slowly increase in value. Very little needs to be done other than waiting and selling when the time is right.

Finally, many people choose to purchase land in Moore County to use as hunting grounds. There are lots of people living in the heart of wake county that like to spend their weekends hunting, but don’t have any options near to where they live, since everything has been so thoroughly developed. Buying some land in Moore provides them with their own private getaway where they can spend their free time tracking and hunting.

One thing you will find very little of in Moore County is residential development. In many other areas of the state, buying 50+ acres and turning them into as many homes as possible is a common practice, but there’s very little of that happening in Moore. It’s just too far away from just about everything that there is very little demand for new homes in that area. Perhaps as existing areas of urban and suburban development grow things might change, but that could be a decade or two from now.