Meet Andy McPherson – Chatham County Land Buyer’s Agent

In this video, Eric is joined by team member Andy McPherson. Meet Andy and learn how he can help you buy land in Chatham County.

Interviewer: All right. So today we’re introducing Andy. He’s at Realty World Carolina Properties. So what do you do here?

Andy: I am a buyer’s agent for the Andrews team, and that means I show and sell Eric’s listings. I don’t get involved in the listing process that much. So I’m specializing in buyers.

Interviewer: What made you decide to do that?

Andy: Actually, it’s because Eric has a tremendous lead generation. And that is one of the main things that has frustrated me, especially recently, is that there are too few leads and too many agents chasing them. And…

Eric: It’s hard to get listings now.

Andy: It is. It’s extremely hard and this man can do it. So I decided to partner with the firm and with Eric this way. And I think that it’s going to be of great benefit to me. I’ve already a little overwhelmed.

Eric:  We threw…. So you came in Monday and we threw some at him already.

Andy: Yeah.

Eric: He’s like, “Is this how it’s going to be every day?” Probably not every day. It’s been… But he’s hit the ground running, for sure.

Interviewer: Are you brand new to real estate?

Andy: No. No. Man, I’ve 25 years of doing this. And so when people come and start working with me, they’re working with all that experience. So I’m glad to be able to do the buyer agency role. It’s something that I am passionate about. I do my very best to see that things are fair. And even that the buyer gets a little bit of an edge. So I’m very happy to be here.

Eric: Andy’s going to be able to familiarize himself with our inventory. So he’s going to know our stuff better than anybody’s but he is not limited to that. If they come in and say, “Hey, I’m calling about this 50 acres that you have on Archie Johnson Road.” And he goes out and shows it to them and that’s not a fit for them, Andy still has them as a potential client. And now he knows what they didn’t like about that property, or they did like about that property. Then he can focus his time on that.

But he doesn’t have to worry about the funnel. The funnel’s already there. He doesn’t have to worry about paperwork. We have staff to help us with the paperwork. He gets to do exactly what the most fun of what a buyer’s agent can do is he gets to show them property and not have to deal with any of the other BS.

Interviewer: What’s one big difference between just showing a townhouse and a large acreage property.

Andy: Wow, good question. That townhouses are, no offense to townhouse owners or builders or developers, but they’re a little bit cookie cutter. And if you show one townhouse in a area of townhouses, you’ve pretty much shown them all. There are maybe four or five plans, only slight variations and no interesting characteristics to land, unless they have a very inventive landscaper which builders don’t pay for.

But out on a 50-acre property, there could be ponds. The fencing is important and the condition of the fence. I’ve had a recent experience with burweed. You get to look at the pastures, look at the land. Even the anthills can tell you something.

Eric:  I was going to say, you don’t get bit as much showing townhomes.

Andy:  Oh.

Eric: Yeah.

Andy: But I think that land is much more interesting. And homes on large acreage… And when I say large acreage, my bread and butter through the years has been homes on five to 10 acres. Just what I cut my teeth on. It’s why I left Cary to come to Pittsboro Autos many years ago. And it’s something that continues to pique my interest in. I just love to do it.

Eric: He’s got a lot of experience with that. Andy and I have known each other for a long time and we have similar styles. He has high ethical standards. He actually does a better job of me explaining the paperwork and the documentation. He’s very, very patient with his clients.

Because of that, one of the things that I thought this was such a good fit was because Andy’s not one of those guys… Like some of our Cary agents and our Chapel Hill agents, they’re “Well, what’s the average price per acre?” And you just can’t do that.

What he said makes a difference. The fencing, pasture, ponds, road frontage, easements, whatever. All these things. You can give an average. Okay, this is averaging 20,000 per acre or whatever. But he hit it there and that’s one of the reasons why it was so important for us to have him on staff, on board is because he understands that every piece of land is different and unique.

Andy:    It is even the type and quality of timber. It makes a difference.

Eric:  Dirt makes a difference here. Soils make a difference.

Andy: Yeah.

Eric:  There’s so many things.

Andy:  Fruit trees, nut trees, it’s all in the mix. I love pecans. Did I say that right? Yeah? Let’s start a raging debate about is it pecan or is it pecan.

Eric: We actually have a YouTube about that.

Andy: So, if you’ve got a grove or whatever of pecan trees, it makes a difference.

Eric: Because Andy still has a huge network of past clients. He can still help them. He can still do all those things for whatever. But the main thing is that for him to familiarize himself with our inventory, and now we have an expert. Because I’m out there listing other stuff, and you can’t be at two places at once and everything. So we’re lucky to have him.