Lee County Land Sales

If you are looking to buy or sell land in Sanford, Broadway or anywhere else in Lee County North Carolina please do not hesitate to contact me today. As seen on my homepage, North Carolina Land Sales, I am a very experienced land sales agent with well over 100 listings at any time.

Selling Large Acre Tracts of Land in Lee County

Lee county has some of the most diversity in terms of land types and features that any other nearby county in North Carolina. Some counties, like Wake, are heavily developed from one end to the other. Where others, like Moore County, are largely untouched, and can be easily purchased and used for a wide range of applications, and at a reasonable price.

Lee county, being so close to Sanford, has some of the urban development similar to Wake or Durham counties. Any land in this part of the county is very likely to have access to municipal water and sewer, making it an excellent option for residential development.

On the south end of the county, closer to Fort Brag, there are more restrictions on what can be done with any land that’s purchased. Homes and businesses aren’t going to be approved, however timber rights are easy to come by.

The areas that don’t have municipal water or sewer can get access to well water without much trouble, as very few areas of Lee county can’t tap into the ground water.

But agricultural options are slightly limited. Unlike most areas of central North Carolina, where the soil is red and filled with clay, Lee County is known to have sandy soils. This means that water drains quickly and easily, but doesn’t stick around long. Plants that can tolerate these condition will thrive well, especially in the mild weather that this state has, but anything that is prone to drying out might need to have extensive soil work done in order to flourish.

One of our most recent land sales in Lee County was for a moderately sized horse farm. As horses don’t care whether the soil is sandy or clay based, they are expected to do just fine without any special changes made.