Chapel Ridge Realtor – Selecting One Who Knows the Area

Eric Andrews discusses selecting a Chapel Ridge Realtor. Chapel Ridge is the golf course community in Pittsboro NC with beautiful homes starting at around $500,000.

Speaker 1:                           What is a Chapel Ridge realtor?

Eric Andrews:                    Well, that’s a good question. I don’t know. I don’t know. A Chapel Ridge realtor is someone… First of all Realty World Carolina Properties has two offices. We have an office in downtown Pittsburgh and we rent a space out with its own group of agents, their own broker in charge. But it’s still Realty World Carolina Properties. Are those agents there Chapel Ridge realtors? There’s some other agents that do a lot in the subdivision, are they Chapel Ridge? And then there’s agents that live in Chapel Ridge. We have three of them, it’s three out of the four that are based out of the clubhouse, actually live in the subdivision. Certainly those are Chapel Ridge realtors.

I’d like to think of myself as a Chapel Ridge realtor, even though I do most of my work out of the Pittsburgh office, I’m the principal broker and I’m an owner of the company and I actually have sold houses and I sell land and lots in Chapel Ridge, so I consider myself a Chapel Ridge realtor. A Chapel Ridge realtor, because of the price point is going to have to market your home differently than… This is not your 180, $225,000 home. We are going to hire a professional photographer, we’re going to have some staging, we’ll want to make sure that we’re incorporating the golf course and some of the views so we’re going to utilize drone photography. Those are the things.

And you have to know the actual subdivision, you should know the roads of the subdivision, you should know how much the homeowners dues are, you should know what utilities are available, you should know the internet speed out there, you should know the rules of the clubhouse and the golf course and the community pool. Those are all important things. So a Chapel Ridge realtor is… People should do their homework. Has this person actually sold property in Chapel Ridge? That’s a Chapel Ridge realtor.