Chapel Ridge Golf Course Community – Neighborhood Amenities

Eric Andrews discusses the amenities of Chapel Ridge.

Speaker 1:           What are some of the amenities in Chapel Ridge?

Speaker 2:           Well, the biggest amenity is the golf course. 18-hole golf course. It is challenging. I’m not a huge golfer, but the people I know that have played the course, very challenging, a lot of rock. Balls go very far when they hit rocks. But it’s a beautiful, beautiful course. So, that’s the biggest amenity of Chapel Ridge. There is a community pool with lap lanes, and a water slide, and a shallow kiddy section. And there’s one of those spray mushrooms or whatever for the kids to play under. There’s a beautiful playground. There’s a beautiful clubhouse. There’s a picnic area. There’s a grilling station. Ping pong table.

On the other side of the community pool, there’s basketball courts. Beautiful tennis courts. I’m really surprised at how rarely the tennis courts and the basketball courts are utilized. And so, there is a Homeowner’s Association. Those are all private roads throughout the community. So, the neighborhood is responsible for the upkeep of the roads. They’ve recently been paved. Most of them are in great shape right now. And there’s a golf pro shop in the clubhouse. There’s a little restaurant in the clubhouse. 19 Toll. So, I strongly encourage people. Realty World has an office there. That’s got to be the biggest amenity that we have our own office in the clubhouse. It’s roughly $1,000 a year. That, of course, that doesn’t include the golf, but those are the basic amenities of Chapel Ridge.