Properly Preparing an Offer To Purchase

There are a lot of agents that are entering the field right now, and I’m a little old school. There’s a way to do this and there’s a reason why I do things the way I do it.

How to present an offer:

I’m more of a Listing Agent than I am a Buyer’s Agent. I have a bunch of listings, but when I have a buyer and I’m presenting my buyer’s offer to the Listing Agent, I call them and let them know. I call and let them know that I’m coming. That usually … “What do you mean you’re coming?” “I’m coming to your office and I’m presenting that offer.”

I don’t know how many agents do that now. It is … I don’t … I receive offers via email and the agent hasn’t even called me. I get get 500 emails a day, so if you’re gonna send me an offer via email, I might see it. I might not. You should really call me. Some of these agents don’t even do that, but I’m not gonna email my offer. I’m going to drive my offer to the Listing Agent.

With that offer I’m gonna have two checks. I’m gonna have the due diligence money that goes to the seller if they take the property off the market and I’m gonna have the earnest money to give to that agent, unless it goes to an attorney, but …

So, I’m gonna have the checks with my offer. You can’t do that via email. People are like, “Oh, I scanned the check or whatever.” That’s not worth crap. The actual check means something and that makes your offer better. It makes your offer stronger.

I’m going to dress nicely. I might be even clean shaven. I am going to … I’m going to be polite to everyone there and I am going to give that Listing Agent some insight that I think is in the best interest of my buyers. If it’s a multiple offer situation, I really want to talk to them for quite a bit. Maybe I can figure out what the seller’s looking for. If my offer is a little on the low side, I’m gonna play it a little bit cool.

This is your opportunity to let that Listing Agent know that they are dealing with a competent agent, an experienced agent, that this isn’t their first rodeo. This is going to be a smooth transaction. This transaction is going to be beneficial to the seller and it’s going to make the Listing Agent look good. We’re not here to make anybody look bad. We’re not … We’re not here to, “Oh, I’m smarter than you. I sell more than you. I’m more experienced than you.” None of that matters. What matters is that you’re looking out for the best interest of the buyer and that cannot be done when you email or talk to someone on the phone.

There are a lot of things that are broken down. I find people can be really rude via email. I feel as though people can be somewhat rude over the phone. It’s hard to be really rude to someone face to face. Like I said, if you’re looking out for the best interest of your clients, your buyers … We et paid a lot of money to do what we do. Get in the car and drive and meet that agent. I think it’ll help out your buyer incredibly.