Can You Be Buried on Your Land in North Carolina

Accredited Land Consultant Eric Andrews discusses being buried on your land in Chatham County and in North Carolina. Yes, you can usually be buried on your land in the State of North Carolina. But, should you? Graves require an easement which is an encumbrance on the property. Speaker 1:           Can you be buried on your […]

Pittsboro Commercial Real Estate Agent Jodi Tata w/ Realty World Carolina Properties

Jodi Tata is a real estate agent who works with commercial sales at Realty World Carolina Properties. In this video Jodi shares with you what she loves about Pittsboro and some of her experience in sales and leasing of commercial real estate along with an update about SoCo (South of the Courthouse). Interviewer:           All right. […]

Raleigh Real Estate Statistics which Affect Pittsboro NC

Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews goes over lots of interesting statistics about Raleigh. Raleigh is one of the happiest and cheapest places to live. People from California and New York are flocking to the Carolinas. Hear about how what happens in Raleigh affects real estate in Pittsboro & Chatham County. Interviewer:           What are some interesting […]

Franchise Real Estate Agents VS Independent Real Estate Agents

Pittsboro Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews discusses the pros and cons of using a “franchise” agent vs an “independent” agent. The biggest advantage a franchise agent has is access to technology and brand name recognition. The technology helps with marketing homes, speeds up transactions and helps us help buyers faster and better. Interviewer:           Why is […]

How To Market Commercial Real Estate in Pittsboro and Siler City NC

Commercial Real Estate Agent Eric Andrews gives tips on how he markets commercial real estate for rent and for sale in and around Chatham County, North Carolina. Speaker 1:           How do you market commercial real estate in Chatham county? Speaker 2:           Well, to market commercial property is a little bit different than your traditional residential. […]

Is the MLS Relevant to Real Estate Anymore?

MLSs are private databases for real estate agents called “Multiple Listing Services”. But are MLS databases still relevant? In this video, Real Estate Broker Eric Andrews explores the relevancy of the MLS in 2021 and beyond. Long ago, real estate agents were the gatekeepers of information. If you wanted to know about property for sale, […]

Which Real Estate Agent Shows Land For Sale? Listing or Seller

North Carolina Land Broker Eric Andrews discusses a common misconception that some buyer’s agents have about agents selling land. The agent which listed land for sale is probably not going to show a buyer the property unless they are acting as the buyer’s agent as well. This would never occur with residential housing but is […]

Is Eric Andrews THE Land Guy?

Eric Andrews is sometimes referred to as the Land Guy. This could be due to his land sales around North Carolina or his Twitter handle. Follow Eric on Twitter here @LandGuy: Interviewer:                          Are you known as The Land Guy? Eric Andrews:                    The Land Guy with a T-H-E. Interviewer:                          Or just Land Guy? Eric Andrews:                    […]

Are there UFOs or Aliens in Pittsboro NC?

In this video, Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrials are discussed by your favorite Pittsboro YouTuber. Does Eric Andrews have the scoop on saucers or has he been looking at the stars too long? Have you heard of “Big Hole” off of Mt. Gilead Road? Interviewer:           Are there UFOs in Chatham County? Eric:           Well, you know […]

How To Win Offer on a Multiple Offer Raw Land Listing?

In a competitive, multiple offer situation, being able to close quickly is a huge positive which will usually help you win with your offer. Five things which help land close quickly: Paying in Cash – Skipping a new Survey (sometimes) Significant Due Diligence Money Buying “as is” with no rezoning or site plan approval Know […]